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  • John Callanta

2023 Social Media Updates for B2B Brands & Sales Teams

Social media platforms are constantly evolving to meet the demands and needs of their users. In recent news, Twitter has brought back keyword targeting, Instagram now allows up to five links in user's bios, and LinkedIn is offering new custom CTA buttons for premium business subscribers. These updates offer new opportunities for advertisers to reach their target audience and drive traffic to their landing pages.

Twitter: Keyword Targeting for Ads

In 2013, Twitter introduced keyword targeting for ads, but eventually deprioritized the feature due to differences in user intent. However, it's back and ready to help advertisers connect with their ideal audience.

What this means for advertisers:

Use Twitter’s keyword targeting at your own risk. Instead, target your audience based on characteristics developed by your product team on the ideal customer profile.

Your ideal audience, what types of conversations are they having?

For example, if you are a web design agency targeting to sell your services to a hospital, what conversations are the VP's of marketing having as it pertains to healthcare and acquiring clients?

Alternatively, is there a medical conference happening soon? You can target by geo-location up to two weeks in advance to get in front of attendees and layer in keyword searches.

Instagram: Additional Links in Bio

Instagram is allowing up to five links in user's bios; addressing user complaints and competing with external "link in bio" platforms like Linktree. This feature is free and can be used to enhance your Instagram business page.

What this means for advertisers:

Nothing. It’s free. However, it is a good opportunity to spruce up your Instagram business page. Add a link to your homepage, contact us landing page, blog, and maybe a link to download a case study for lead capturing.

You can also encourage everyone on your sales teams to add links to their profiles as another channel for lead generation.

LinkedIn: Custom CTA Buttons

Premium business subscribers on LinkedIn can now add new custom CTA buttons that direct users to a specified URL.

These options include:

Visit my store

Visit my website

Visit my portfolio

Visit my blog

Request a consultation

Sign up for a demo

What this means for advertisers:

This is another feature to drive traffic to your landing pages and capture leads. If you're more advanced and set up your sales teams to be individual creators, they too can take advantage of this feature. More to come in a future post

As social media platforms continue to evolve, advertisers must adapt their strategies to reach their target audience. By staying up to date with the latest updates, advertisers can stay ahead of the competition and better connect with their ideal audience.


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