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Digital Marketing for Enterprise B2B

A San Francisco based startup in the food space provided in-person catering services to midsize businesses in metropolitans across America. Small and midsize businesses offering breakfast, lunch, or dinner to their staff but did not have the luxury of an in-house chef had an opportunity to plan daily catered meals through local restaurants. ​An office manager worked with our account managers, requested the cuisine, provided a headcount, and the startup sourced local restaurants to provide the service.  The business model outsourced logistics away from office managers and provided local restaurants with recurring customers. 

The Strategy

After researching the buyer persona, budgets finalized, and audits completed, the digital strategy leveraged six key channels to engage at the awareness, consideration, intent, and purchase levels. 

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Digital Channels

Paid Social

Paid social generated awareness to a targeted audience.

Display Retargeting

Display advertising played a role in retargeting efforts from any user that visited the site via social media ads or otherwise.

Pay Per Click

Google Ads bid on search queries commonly used by the targeted user when solving their catering needs.


All ads led to a page that focused on email capture. After a potential customer inputs their contact information, email drip campaigns activated to push to talk to a sales team.


Our content team crafted four blog posts per week in conjunction with paid search ads. The topics users searched on Google were expanded upon in a blog post to dominate both the organic and paid search results.

The Results

The first month was dedicated to building ads on each channel for a specific city. Once completed we quickly scaled to target new cities while repurposing existing assets.


After 3 months of launch, each city generated consistent conversion rates which digital was a key touchpoint to market qualified leads and new business closed upwards of $30,000 per contract while ads spent less than $5,000 per city, per month. 6X ROAS

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