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Digital Marketing for B2C

An edtech startup partnering with schools and parents provided supplemental learning materials for their children. The goal was to increase brand awareness and sales through a series of digital channels targeting both K-12 institutions and homeschooling families. As with two separate targeting demographics, I created campaigns that resonated with each segment and repurposed creatives to ensure scalability.

The Strategy

Upon researching the ICP for both K-12 and parents, I collaborated with graphic designers to create a set of visually appealing ads for Facebook, Google Display, and website retargeting. Copy however, had variations specifically for each target audience which allowed me to run ads efficiently. 


For K-12 institutions, I created location based campaigns for users who fit the profile and who have recently traveled to the desired geo. The thought process behind the strategy allowed ads to serve to employees of the institution and parents who dropped off their children to the school

Gradient Background

Digital Channels

Paid Social

Facebook Ads targeting people who have recently visited the schools we targeted and served brand awareness and eventually retargeting ads on their social feeds.

Pay Per Click

I created Google Shopping Ads for our top selling products which grabbed market share from leading competitors and scaled it to a 6X ROAS in under three months.

Display Retargeting

Those who clicked ads from their social feeds or Google Ads were cookied and followed to various websites they visited.

The Results

K-12 students. These textbooks generated less than $1,000 per month in revenue but after three months of A/B tests and optimizations, the product line averaged $20,000 in revenue per month.with an average $3,000 monthly budget. New/Returning visitors also skyrocketed for other best selling products after I created the omni-channel campaign.


I leveraged Facebook Ads for brand awareness, Google Ads and Google Shopping Ads for top searched keywords leading to individual products, and remarketing ads for previous visitors demonstrated to investors the potential of the startup and secured Series A funding.

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