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Digital Marketing for Ecommerce

A water company wanted to increase their digital presence on social and search results. They targeted both retail and wholesale consumers which required a series of brand awareness campaigns on social media and shopping ads on search engines as well as Amazon. 

The business model was a mix of ecommerce, in-store purchases, and B2B sales competing in an oversaturated space. I created ads that generated traffic to each vertical such as the Amazon store, geo targeted ads for store locations, and retargeting ads using first party data for B2B prospects. 

The Strategy

The primary focus was to generate traffic through social media on Facebook and Instagram driving users to the Amazon web store and the website. Moreso on the Amazon store, our ads featured various product shots that, depending on flavor, directed users to a specific Amazon product page. 


For in-store ads, we created geotarged display ads within a 1 mile radius of grocery stores across California which served ads to users as they browsed through websites while inside their grocery store.

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Digital Channels

Organic Social

Engaging with the online community by posting and resharing user generated content which resulted in free traffic to our social handles. As a daily routine, I watched Instagram stories that tagged the brand to repost on our social handles.


In 6 months, we had users across the state tagging our products and became well known for influencers to access the company followers, all they had to do was mention the brand in their story.

Paid Social

Paid social generated awareness to a targeted audience and drive traffic to the Amazon webstore. We targeted shoppers that have shown interest in our competitors and were in-market for specific healthy brands. We captured their interests and made purchasing easy by driving traffic to the Amazon product pages.

Display Ads

We targeted websites in food & beverage to display ads to people looking through recipes as they shopped in-store. Our targeted websites included home & garden, diy, and serve to a radius of high traffic grocery stores. Safeway, Costco, and other big retailer locations were served with display ads during the store’s operating times.

Amazon Ads

We set up sponsorship ads on Amazon to show higher on search results for anyone searching for mineral or sparkling water. We also listed our top competitors and served ads to users searching for other sparkling water brands to capture sales.

The Results

Through our efforts in organic social, paid social, and sponsored Amazon ads, we increased the number of followers month over month and saw an uptick in sales from both in-store and the Amazon web store. Once the winning campaigns were determined, I used the performance data to replicate ads for their other product line in juices and tea.

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