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Digital Marketing for Automotive

A local luxury car dealership with a $20,000/mo digital ad spend budget wanted to increase sales and showcase their inventory through a series of retargeting ads. I worked with a team of developers to tag every vehicle in their system so any visitor that browsed their dealer website would see the exact model throughout various websites and social media feeds. A prospective buyer looking at a specific model would eventually see tailored ads on Facebook and if a purchase was made within 90 days, we were able to track how many impressions were delivered thus proving the importance of long sales cycle marketing for high ticket purchases.

The Strategy

I created a series of brand awareness campaigns promoting the dealership homepage. Once a user lands on the site and browses through the vehicles, an ad would automatically get created pulling the vehicle images from the website. A user that was browsing a blue Porsche 911 GT Turbo one day would see the exact model on Facebook anywhere between a few days to a few weeks later. This strategy was then implemented across a portfolio of automotive dealerships. Depending on the ad, a prospect could click to call or get directions to the dealership.

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Digital Channels


A local SEO strategy was implemented as the target demographic was only a 200 mile radius of the dealership. This allowed the client to appear first in organic search results for Google Maps.

Search Ads

Along with local SEO, a standard search strategy was launched to show on Google Maps and the search results. Campaigns such as dealership names, common car models, and demographic targeting help the dealership rank at the top of search results.

Social Remarketing

Using a 3rd party feed software, a customer landed on the website, clicked on a vehicle, and the customer was followed across their social feeds with the exact vehicle by pairing user ID with the VIN of the vehicle.

Display Remarketing

Similar to social media remarketing, we ran ads through programmatic display platforms using a templated format with the main image being the main image that was recently viewed by the customer.

The Results

After working with developers on this strategy, we were able to attribute between $100,000 -  $600,000 in monthly sales with a $20,000 fixed monthly budget. As the feeds were optimized in search results, display, and social media, the amount of influenced sales grew up to 32K ROAS with one customer purchasing two vehicles worth $250K each.


With this purchase alone, influenced sales for one month was $656K  with a $20K spend.

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